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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer since 1998.

Defending the elderly for over a quarter of a century.

We Don't Dabble.

At Musso Law, Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Litigation is all that we do.  Joe’s been doing it for a quarter of a century because it’s his passion, his purpose and his legacy.

Joe has devoted his entire professional career to representing nursing home residents and their families in nursing home abuse and neglect cases. For 25 years, he has consistently been considered one of America’s best nursing home abuse lawyers.  He’s collected millions of dollars for his clients in that time. While compensation for injustice  is important, Joe knows that the families who entrust their loved one’s case to him are coming for more than just money.  The truth is nursing home abuse and neglect doesn’t just harm the resident. It puts a permanent emotional scar on every family member who loved that resident. That is the way that family member died. They were neglected or abused by their caregivers.   Money will never completely heal that scar. But for most of Joe’s clients what really drives them is the reality that if they don’t stand up to these giant nursing home corporations they will continue to understaff their facilities and neglect other residents all while taking a “business as usual” approach.

Why Choose Musso Law?

If you google “Joe Musso nursing home” you’ll find testimonials and a perfect 10.0 (superb) AVVO rating. You’ll also find two and a half decades of articles and videos of Joe teaching people how to protect their loved ones in a nursing home. You’ll find speeches to advocacy groups. You’ll find him teaching other lawyers how to litigate nursing home cases. You’ll find him speaking at the biggest events for the biggest national advocacy organizations that are devoted to the protection of nursing home residents such as the National Consumer Voice for Quality Care.

The decision a family makes to hire a nursing home abuse lawyer is enormous. It is a decision  that can commit them to years of litigation. It can delay closure of a painful chapter in their life. It has risk. It has pain. The decision to pursue nursing home abuse litigation should never be taken lightly and it should also not be made emotionally. When people ask us “Why Musso Law”? We don’t struggle for a reason. We know exactly why we think every family is well served by choosing us to represent them in a nursing home abuse or neglect case:

  • Nursing home abuse litigation is all we do. 
  • Our founder and lead counsel on EVERY one of our MD, VA, DC cases began doing nursing home litigation 25 years ago and has done it every day ever since. He understand’s exactly how to assess and win a case.
  • We care deeply about our clients and we understand what they are going through.  We select cases with involved families who deserve justice.
  • We are experts in nursing home litigation. 
  • We have the highest ratings possible in peer metric reviews like AVVO.
  • Joe is not only an aggressive attorney, he is a elder care advocate, a mentor to young nursing home abuse lawyers, and a trusted advisor to nursing home litigators across the country.
  • Our clients and former clients consistently describe an experience of empathy, compassion, and deep understanding with the highest technical skill and proficiency. 
100% AVVO Rating

Bed Sores

Bed sores are almost entirely preventable. If your loved one has a pressure ulcer injury, it's a direct result of neglect and poor quality of nursing care.

Bed Rail Asphyxiation

One of the most heartbreaking causes of death or injury is when a resident gets their head, neck, or chest caught in the tight spaces that exist around bed rails.

Choking Accidents

Since choking is common, nursing homes are responsible for prevention by assessing patient risk and providing supervision at all meal times.

Medication Errors

If elderly patients receive the wrong dosing or medication, it can be fatal. That's why staff must be held accountable for errors.

Sexual & Physical Assault

Sexual, physical and mental abuse by staff and residents very often goes unreported.

Wheelchair Accidents

If a resident falls out of a wheelchair, it tips over, or a person is left in the wheelchair too long without moving, serious injuries can result.

Slip & Fall Accidents

According to the Dept. of HHS, approximately one half of nursing home residents fall every year, and ten percent are seriously injured.

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Bedsores are one of the most common reasons people call our law firm.

The CDC reports almost 10% of all elderly living in a nursing home suffer from these sores. They are incredibly painful, entirely preventable before the later stages develop, and when left untreated by caregivers entrusted to your loved ones care, they can lead to serious injury or infection-related death.
broken bone
Practice Areas

The CDC estimates that 95% of hip fractures are a result of falling.

Broken bones are common injuries reported at nursing homes. They are most commonly due to fall accidents and are a serious type of injury that can result in permanent disability. Nursing homes have a legal and ethical responsibility to protect their residents from harm.
nursing home abuse podcast microphone
Empowered Caregiver

Guest Speaker: Nursing Home Abuse Podcast

Joe Musso, Esq frequently speaks to attorney's, elder care advocates, politicians, legal associations and caregiver groups across the country on how to protect loved ones from a nursing home and prevent nursing home abuse and neglect before it starts.

Choosing a Nursing Home Lawyer

If you’re loved one was injured in a nursing home, it is crucial that you have an expert attorney who specializes in nursing home litigation.  Not every lawyer can litigate a nursing home case, it takes years of experience to understand the intricacies of nursing home law.  Musso law has over 25 years of experience fighting for the rights of the elderly.  Musso Law will give your case our full time and attention to ensure you receive justice for your loved one.

FAQ on hiring an attorney

We are here to help. If you have a question you can't get answered on our site, contact us for a free case evaluation so we can offer straightforward guidance regarding your concerns.
How do I know I need a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?
  • Your loved one’s behavior and mood has suddenly changed.
  • Your loved one has unexplained injuries.
  • You feel your loved one hasn’t received proper medical treatment for wounds or illnesses.
  • Caregivers and staff have made serious mistakes.
  • You notice signs of neglect (malnutrition, weight loss, dehydration) in a loved one.
  • Your loved one ended up in a hospital after staying in a nursing home.
How much does it cost to hire an attorney?

Nursing home abuse and neglect litigators aren’t paid unless they win a settlement.  That means, there’s no upfront cost to you for hiring and retaining legal counsel.

Typically most cases work on a 1/3 fee agreement which means our clients receive 67% of the settlement and our attorney’s keep 33%.  This is standard practice for experienced medical malpractice litigators.

How do I know I picked the right lawyer for my case?

When deciding who to retain for your nursing home abuse and neglect case, we suggest asking your prospective attorney the following questions:

  • Who specifically will be working on my case and how many years of experience in nursing home law do they have?  As we’ve mentioned earlier, nursing home abuse law is complicated and complex so expertise in this area is critical to get the compensation you deserve.
  • Does the attorney show empathy and concern for you during intake calls?  Do they take their time understanding your case and listening to your loved ones story?
  • How are they rated by their peers?
  • Can they provide testimonials from past clients?
  • What associations are they apart of and who in the community views them as experts in the area of nursing home abuse and neglect?
  • How many cases are they currently handling?  If your attorney has 50 cases will they be able to provide you with the level of attention your case needs?
  • Can they explain to you similar cases they’ve won in the past and the results of those cases?
  • How invested are they in ensuring that the vulnerable elderly population are protected from abuse and neglect BEFORE there’s a need for a lawsuit? Are they advocates and defenders of the elderly or just litigators after the fact?
What if I don't live in Virginia, Maryland, or D.C?

Since being in the industry for 25 years, we have built relationships with the best of the best across the country.  Musso Law has a network of attorney’s we recommend in every state that have a similar level of expertise and experience that we offer our regional clients.

If you are not located within VA, MD, or DC, simply contact us for a FREE case evaluation so that we can introduce you to the appropriate attorneys in our national network.


Joe Musso

An expert in the area of nursing home abuse litigation since his bar admission, Joe's dedication, work ethic, and devotion to his clients has resulted in consistently great results.

Based in Ashburn, VA, Joe has represented numerous clients across Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland. Joe has devoted his entire 24 year career to advocating on behalf of nursing home and assisted living facility residents and their families. He has collected millions of dollars for the victims of nursing home abuse and neglect.

He routinely speaks throughout the country to lawyers, families, ombudsman, state and county agencies and advocacy groups on how to prevent nursing home abuse and neglect. He has testified before state legislatures on the need for staffing requirements in nursing homes. He has co-counseled with attorneys throughout the country in the prosecution of their nursing home abuse lawsuits. He teaches and lectures on how to properly handle nursing home abuse claims.

Joe is the past Chair of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Long Term Care Litigation Section. He is the current Treasurer of the DC Trial Lawyers Association. Joe is a member of the National Consumer Voice, the largest consumer advocacy group in America dedicated to improving the lives of nursing home residents. Joe is a long standing member of the American Association of Justice Nursing Home Litigation Group where he has served on numerous committees including the Survey of Law and Covid 19 Committees.

Avvo gives Joe a 10.0 (Superb Rating).


“Prior to consulting with Attorney Musso, we had seen another firm who felt our claim had no merit. We felt victimized twice. It was such a personal and sad case that it felt good just to hear someone say, yes I believe you and I will help you (even if it were not going to be easy). And that’s what Mr. Musso did.”

Former Client

“Joe and I have worked together on difficult cases. His perseverance, commitment and determination is unmatched in his field. He is smart and practical. A very good lawyer. And actually has a good sense of humor.”


“My family members and I worked with Attorney Musso over the course of three years. He was methodical, pragmatic and sensitive to our concerns. He was always responsive to our inquiries and suggestions and very enthusiastically with great patience, educated us on our particular legal process. In all of our interactions with Joe and his staff, they were pleasant, easy to work with, and competent. I would certainly recommend him to others in need of highly professional legal guidance and/or representation.”

Former Client


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