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Infected Bed Sores

Pressure ulcers occur when pressure causes damage to the skin.  There are 3 main risk factors to developing a pressure ulcer: immobility, increased pressure skin, and an interruption of the blood flow. Many nursing homes and assisted facilities will tell you that a bed sore is unavoidable.  But here’s what the law says: Nursing homes...

Bed Sore Prevention

The largest organ in the human body is the skin. The enemies of the skin are pressure, moisture, and sheering forces. As skin ages it becomes less elastic and on the cellular level, less sturdy. Skin tears, abrasions and decubitus ulcers (bedsores) and other breaks in the skin expose your loved one to dangerous and...

Nursing Home is a Business

I want you to remember this and remember it well: “A nursing home is a business.” While many nursing homes are not for profit or so called charitable organizations, the large majority of them are a business like any other. And just like every other business they have one main goal; to make money. If...
The Musso Law Firm, PLLC represents residents and their families in prosecuting abuse and neglect lawsuits against the nursing homes that betrayed their trust. We hold nursing homes accountable for choosing profit over people.
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